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Salt Lake City Fire requires permits for the following activities:

  • Amusement Building Operations
  • Blasting
  • Emergency Radio Repeater (BDA/DAS) Operation
  • Firework Retail Sales or Display
  • Flame Effects Before an Audience
  • Flammable Liquid Storage Tank Installation / Removal
  • Food Truck Operation
  • Hazardous Material Dispense / Use
  • High Rise Building Occupancy
  • Hotworks
  • Places of Assembly
  • State Licensed Childcare Facility
  • Tents or Canopies at Public Events
  • Firewatch - Report Monitoring for Down an Occupancy
To apply for a permit, please login using the link above.  After, select "Fire" from the top menu, then "Apply for a Permit".

To pay fees, simply enter the record number in the search box above, and click the link "Pay Fees Due".  We strongly recommend logging into the system before paying fees. 

Don't hesitate to contact Fire Department staff if you experience any problems:  801-799-4103 or email

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